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I have seen some different articles lately talking about the latest trend of “self love” and/or “self care”. Several I’ve come across have spoke negatively about the concept. Stating it’s not biblical, a little vein, self absorbed, etc. As a Christian woman, who tries her best to adhere to Godly ideas and principles, I wanted to search the Word a little and see what I thought for myself.

I wish I could tell you that one day during my devotion time, I opened my Bible and God smacked me in the face with this truth. As a wife, and mom with a full time job, who is starting a growing business while serving our church in a small capacity and trying to keep my house clean and a few groceries in the fridge, I haven’t had a consistent devotional time in a minute. It’s just a season, right?!

So, one morning I was getting ready and thinking about this “self care” thing, and God spoke a subtitle word into my spirit “love your neighbor as yourself”. WOW! Conviction wrapped up my heart. It’s such a simple scripture, that we’ve heard and recited since we were 5 year olds in Sunday school. But it hit me! How can I love my neighbor, if I’m not loving myself?

I am my own worst enemy. My harshest critic. I give others way more grace than I ever even think about giving myself. I often feel like I’m not doing enough. I’m not always the kind of mother I pray to be. I get caught up in all the things and can be a really crappy friend. Don’t even get me started on my physical imperfections!

I can’t say how much I really love myself. Honestly, most days I don’t even consider myself. Let alone consider if I’m loving and taking care of myself the way I should be.

The Bible says I am fearfully and wonderful made. It tells me “I am a temple” which is an absolute reason to practice self care. I have to remember that I may be the only temple that some people my ever come in contact with. I am worthy!

We constantly tell our students at our church “speak words that edify! Words of affirmation! Uplift each other!” But, I can’t remember the last time I’ve looked inward and told myself “Hey, Grace. That wasn’t your best day. But, He’s still working on you. You’re precious in His sight.” If we should say it to others, we should be speaking it into our own lives.

Sister, you can’t pour from an empty cup. You love yourself! You take care of yourself! It’s not selfish, not vain, not unholy in the least. It’s a commandment (and the greatest at that) from our Father who tells us to LOVE our neighbors as ourselves. So, here is all the permission you need! Take a bubble bath, leave yourself an encouraging sticky note, and take time from the dishes to read a devotion (and I will too). Your neighbor will thank you.

Geace Dooley

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