The Imitation Game

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When you’re a little kid, there’s always someone who you think is so cool and you want to be just like them. This one person seems so perfect. They are so put together. They have a ton of friends. Who would blame them to want to look up to this person? Except, this person doesn’t realize they’re being watched. So they think, ah what so I slipped a cuss word out before church started? It’s not like anyone heard me? So my skirts a little short? Who cares? God cares. Because what your actions and what you wear or say is thought to be cool. They don’t know better but to be like you. If you goof off at an alter call and talk to your friends, they’re going to do it too. the Bible says, “Without wise leadership, a nation falls;” There is a time where young people have to be leaders in their generation and for the next generation. Why be the leaders of tomorrow when we can start today? If you read your bible every day, the kid that looks up to you most may do the same. They may not even be little kids? There could be so many people of many ages that look up to you. If you want to be used here is an easy way to start. Watch your tongue as the Bible says. Modesty glorifies God! It is your covering. Play the game wisely. Think about this… Do my actions give God praise?


- Chelsea Hockensmith (Gracefully Made)

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